The big O – Onion Rings

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They are sweet, salty, crisp but chewy, stand alone, as a topper or dunkable.  I mean, onion rings hit pretty much every spot you could want them to, right? Truth be told, I used to hate onion rings as a kid, but that is because I had only tried them from Burger King and well, those were just gross.  Since I have become a big kid, I now know how awesome they can be beer-battered and panko breaded, twice fried, on a stick making a mountain of rings, shredded as a haystack…… I could go on like Forest Gump does about shrimp!!   I love them.

They are also a great thing to put out with a variety of dipping sauces at a party such as for the Super Bowl right around the corner.  A big platter and a few sauces and you can look all fancy pants with minimal effort.  The best part?  These onion rings are actually healthy and clean so you can feel good about eating a bunch of them!

Healthy onion ring recipe

Onion Rings


1/2 Vidalia Onion

¼ Cup uncooked Oatmeal

1 Egg

Pinch Sea Salt

Pinch Black Pepper

Pinch Garlic Powder


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees ( or use an air fryer )
  2. Peel & slice the onion into slices approximately 1 cm thick and separate into rings in a bowl
  3. Put oatmeal into blender or small food processor and pulse until it is a flour-like consistency
  4. Combine oatmeal flour, and a dash each of the salt, pepper and garlic powder
  5. In a separate bowl, beat 1 egg with 2 tablespoons of water
  6. Set up onion ring station with onion rings, egg wash, oatmeal mixture and tray
  7. Take each onion ring and dip it in the egg mixture, then the oatmeal mixture making sure it is fully coated
  8. Place on the tray without them touching
  9. Once tray is full, place in oven for 10 minutes. Flip after those 10 minutes and cook for 10 more.
  10. Let cool and enjoy!

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