My name is Courtney, but I affectionately go by Corky Jane from my husband and a few others.  I am a mom of 3 with one on the way via the adoption path and also mama to 3 fur babies.  A military wife, owner of Collaborate Co and a sports fan/goofball/nerd/foodie that is fairly clueless on style.  I don’t necessarily fit into the mold of who I would consider a “normal mom” and I pretty ok with that.  My passions are my family, food and travel, pretty much in that order and preferrably all combined at once.  I was born on the East Coast and find myself still trying to understand the Midwest way of life ( like people are nice just to be nice? ) and I am continuing to try to slow down my speed talking that not everyone is accustomed to.  An entrepreneur at heart and explorer by nature, I hope you enjoy the recipes and places I have found with my family and share on this site as well as a little bit about myself overall.