At Home Ice Cream Shop

I love me some ice cream, I really do.  I normally try to eat very clean and healthy, but I have kids.  Due to this, I use them as an excuse anytime I can to make, get and just eat ice cream.   After a long day at Indiana Beach ( post coming soon) the kids wanted to ice cream from Sweet Frog or Cold Stone……this tired mom was not up for it.  That being said, who am I to turn down ice cream?

I quickly did my go trick of an at home ice cream bar.  This essentially means I raided my fridge, pantry and the kids closets for all kinds of toppings and filled up a 12 ct muffin/cupcake tray   


The kids then made got their ice cream and topped it to their liking without any limitations ( other than the fact I gave them a small bowl, but these bowls are AMAZING!!). We don’t have a food scale, but you could even add that in for fun at the end to complete the experience.  The kids loved it and I got to pitch the leftovers ( alot of it being old Halloween candy) which made for easy clean up and happy kids!

Snapseed 2Snapseed 3

Here are some suggestions for toppings:

Candy – old Halloween or Easter candy that may be hiding out in bedrooms is great

Snacks – Pretzels, popcorn, Plain chips ( for real, it’s amazeballs)

Cereal – Oreo O’s, Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Etc

Cookies – Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Old stale cookies that were hiding on your top pantry shelf

This is also great to do for s’mores with different chocolates, candy for cookie decorating etc.  Try it out and send me some pics of your kids enjoying their own sundae bar, i’d love to see!


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