Edible Slime

Who else is beyond over this obsession with slime?  One thing is for sure, Elmer’s is a genius for marketing the heck out of all the ways you can make it!

One thing I have noticed is that

1. It’s really not that cheap

2. It smells kind of funky

3. Toddlers and little ones may try to take a taste ( and that never ends well)

To try to combat this ( and because I have zero interest in keeping glue and contact solution on hand), I decided to try to make a safe and fun “edible slime”.  It can still be modified to your liking but it also smells good.  The best part?  Kids can even eat it if they want to!   My kids both tried a few bites but for fun and then lost interest, but really, when else can you EAT SLIME?!?


The recipe is below, and started from an experiment I remembered from 6th grade with some food science involved to make it so much better.


1 package Instant Pudding ( Vanilla to add color)

1 1/2 cups Cornstarch

1 Cup Water

Step 1 – Combine Pudding Mix & 1 Cup Cornstarch in a bowl


Step 2 – Add Water

Step 3 – Mix and add other half cup of cornstarch as needed until a doughy slime like consistency is achieved.  I suggest starting with a spoon and finishing by kneeding with your hand

Step 4 – Add food grade coloring as desired

Step 5 – Add particulates – We love sprinkles to keep it edible!


Step 6 – Have fun playing with the slime!


With the variety of sprinkles that even include eye balls and glitter, you can make the slime as fun as the glue kind!  As with any slime, keep stored in an airtight container.  This slime does not keep for as long as regular slime, but it is still just as fun.  Also, since it doesn’t cost as much, it isn’t so bad when you have to throw a bag away.    Who knows, you may have a slime snacker that eats it all so you never have to throw it away!


Enjoy trying this out and let me know how your experience was, i’d love to hear!



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