kids clothes bin organized

Kid’s Clothes for Dummies

Whether you are a single mom to 4 and working 2 jobs or a stay at home mom of 1, Mommin’ is hard in your own way.  Staying organized is crucial to not going crazy as well as to not turning into rage mommy as everyone tries to get ready for school in the morning.   Rage mom is a person who comes to visit every once in a while and I never know when she is coming….but once she comes, everyone knows.

Here is one of the things that has helped me stay somewhat sane over the past few years and is very simple, just in case it helps anyone out there.  I call it kid clothes organizing for dummies.

We got simple plastic 3 drawer storage container from Wal-mart (or you can get a 3 drawer bin here delivered to your door) for each kid.  The ones I got came with little pockets in the front even so we made Mon/Tues, Wed/Thurs and Fri tags to go in the front of each of them.  I did these when the kids were really little, but if they are older then the kids can decorate them how they want and have lots of fun with it.

kids clothes bin organized

Each Sunday before the week starts, each kid has to pick out 5 full outfits including socks and underwear.  Once I have done the mommy approval for warmth or gym acceptability, we put them in the bins and are done with the crazy chaos that normally happens in the morning.

kids clothes organized

In addition to making it easier, the kids feel empowered that they get to pick out their clothes.  Unless it is something super crazy, why not let them wear it?  It is only acceptable to wear camo sweatpants for so many years of your life and they have to learn sometime.  You do not want your son to be the kid wearing sweatpants every day with mismatched shirts because mommy isn’t there…

kids clothes

Again, I know it seems simple but I promise you it has made my life so much easier!  I will forewarn you though…there is nothing quite as scary as going to put clothes in on a Sunday and seeing that your son has 5 pairs of underwear still in his drawers from last week.  It can only mean 1 of 2 things……

What is something you do to help keep yourself organized and sane?



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