March Into Spring Challenge

Winter is no fun and I am ready for Spring!  In talking with my neighbors ( via text/internet since, you know, we aren’t going outside), they all feel the same way too.  Spring can’t get here soon enough so I created my own March into Spring Challenge for the first 2 weeks of March.  It is not to lose weight or build a business, grow your social media following or save money, but it is a fun challenge to get out of the funk I call winter.

The challenge consists of a different meal than chicken nugget and mac n cheese that you might be serving every night.  Again, not clean, not keto, not low carb, just something different to try while also not unhealthy.  Along with this, a different activity to do every day with your family.  I know we all have school and activities so it is nothing crazy, but just something small for fun and to connect maybe in a way that hasn’t been happening because you have been seeing each other every single day for week!   4

Along with this, I am also doing Brendan Burchard’s 3-2-1 to sleep method which is 3 hours before bed, no food, 2 hours before bed, no work and 1 hour before bed, no screens.  Yes, that means phone AND TV.     Challenge accepted!

March 3

This started on March 1rst, but you can really start it any time you just want something different to eat and to do without having to use any brainpower.  Brain power is hard sometimes, even with all the coffee in the world!

Day 1

pretz 20

Meal:  Homemade Hot Pretzel Recipe

Activity: Art contest –   We chose to do ours with chalk on the driveway, but you could do it indoors as well. Each person in the family did art based on the same theme and then we had a “contest”. Our theme was animals in their natural habitats…. it was interesting to say the least!

Day 2

ru 16

Meal: Lasagna Roll Ups

Activity:  Would you rather question game – Take turns asking questions like “Would you rather have hands for feet and feet as hands or flippers for both? Would you rather eat a bowl of boogers or a  bowl of toenails? Your kids will love it and it is interesting what you can learn!

Day 3

tuna cake

Meal:  Tuna Cakes

Activity: Meditation  – Do it by yourself or with the kids- even 5-10 minutes will make a world of difference! I recommend using the podcast “Mindful in Minutes” for dozens of great options!

Day 4

quiche 12

Meal:  Mini Quiche Recipe

Activity:  Exercise Competition – Go for either a timed or “get to a # of” competition with your kids.   For example, who can plank the longest or who can get to 500 jumping jacks first.  If your kids are competitive like mine it will go on all night!

Check back every day for the new days meal idea and activity!  Bonus points?  Share away so more can do this together!


march 2


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