Easy Infused Water Recipes

Water is a HUGE part of your physical and mental well being.  Ensuring you are hydrated to your fullest helps keep your body functioning at it’s peak capability.  Not only do we need water for our bodies to function at their highest level, but water is a cheap way to keep you feeling full and you can make it taste great.   With the current #last90days challenge that i am doing right now, the target is to drink at least half my body weight in water everyday.  That being said, if I can hit my full body weight in water, that is awesome!

water 3

When you think about water, remember that there is regular water, sparkling water, seltzer water….all kinds of waters that you can flavor and play around with to keep things interesting.  One thing to remember is to avoid tonic water as it can have additives and also avoid water that has sodium added (yes, this happens and is in alot of your flavored water found at the store).  As a great cheat sheet for you to get started, I compiled my 6 favorite waters to get you through a week of hydration.

Water recipes

Simple and so yummy!  You can of course add them to just a glass, but think of it similar to a marinating meat.  The longer it sits, the more the flavor penetrates the water and the better it is!  I like to make a big pitcher of the ones I drink the most such as the cucumber and keep it in my fridge to drink whenever.  To take to work, I like to use my handy dandy water infuser to flavor about 20 ounces of water each night so I can grab it on my way out the door.  You can get them at on Amazon Target, Wal-Mart, sports stores, online etc in all kinds of colors and designs that you can get to express your personality.  Remember, you want to take a water bottle around with you all the time, so don’t go cheapo and get one that will look dingy or scratched after a few uses.  Here is mine ready to go!

water 4

My absolute favorite water is watermelon and basil, but it can be hard to do that year round due to the seasonality and availability of watermelon ( I am “frugal”, ok, I am cheap, super super cheap).  Due to that, my 3 favorite go to’s are below: Cucumber, Mixed Berry & Lemon Lime.

water 2

Those are all easy to go’s that not only taste great, but look pretty enough to serve at parties instead of grandma’s sherbet fruit punch.  Ok, maybe have it next to the fruit punch as an option.     If you feel you need more flavor, add more of whatever flavoring it is -it is super easy to adjust.  Just chop and put in water, even your kids can do it.  Hopefully some of my combinations give you some great ideas to try out and sneak more water in your daily routine .  What awesome flavors have you tried so far that need added to the list?

water 1



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