Healthy Green Smoothie

smoothie meal prepWhen I need to feel healthy, I have a few go to things and recipes that I turn to.  My detox green smoothie is a great way to reset my body and jumpstart my day.  Some people are lucky enough to live or work right by a smoothie place, but I am not.  Let’s face it, I am also super cheap so I would never pay $5 a day for a drink that I can make at home for a fraction of the price!

The best part about my green smoothie is that it is loaded  with fresh fruits & vegetables but has no fake protein powders/fillers so it keeps you full for hours on top of the antioxidant benefits.  For those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, it can be hard to find a good smoothie that doesn’t have something in that they caution you about, but this recipe hits the spot!  It is even a great smoothie to have your kids try – especially if you serve it in something as cute as these cups!

smoothie cup

I go to ALDI’s here and get a full bag of each of the ingredients so I can prep 10 at a time and freeze them.    I make a lineup or sorts or assembly line and do 1 ingredient at a time and do each bag before I go onto the next one.  This makes it pretty simple and then none of he bags are accidentally missing an ingredient in the end.  Then, all I have to do in the morning is grab a bag from the freezer – add water and my 2 tsp of Moringa and blend until it is smooth – easy peasy!

smoothie prep

Ingredients        (1 serving)

1/2 Granny Smith Apple – diced

1/2 Banana

1/2 Large carrot peeled and chopped

1 1/2 cups Kale

1 Lemon Slice

1 cm by 1 inch chopped Ginger

2 Tsp Moringa  and/or Collagen ( optional )


  1. Put amount of ingredients listed above in a ziploc bag and freeze.smoothie bags
  2. When needed, pull one bag and dump contents into blender.smoothie morning
  3. Add 10-12 oz of water ( I like mine thick and prefer 1).smoothie moringa
  4. Add additional powders if wanted on top.
  5. Place lid one top ( PLEASE do not forget this step ) and blend for 1-2 minutes until completely smooth.smoothie glass

It is as simple as that!  I love the Moringa because it is one of the newest superfoods with tons of health benefits, one of which is increasing breast milk if anyone needs that assistance.  If not, it is a refreshing and someone spicy ( with the ginger) way to start your day.  I will drink this at 7 AM and not be hungry until noon which is near impossible for me normally.

Most shakes are drank on the go and there are a lot of differences in the smoothies/shaker cups out there.    One of my favorite is the blender bottle that fits in most cupholders and can help mix up the smoothies again if need be thanks to the mixer balls inside.

smoothie drink

If you try this recipe or have some ideas on your favorite smoothies, let me know!


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