Disappearing Bites

balls main 2Disappearing bites are amazing!  Why do I call them that?  Well, they started out as lactation protein balls for me to help increase my milk supply, but over half of them were stolen by my cute little offspring before I could eat them.  The good news is that NO, THEY WILL NOT MAKE YOU LACTATE!!!  That would have made for some really awkward dinner conversation with the kiddos if that was the case!  These area easy to make, clean and healthy snacks for the whole family.

These delicious protein bites are great for anyone at anytime, but I added in the boost of oats and ground flax seed ( you could add brewers yeast as well) to give it the galacatagogues necessary to help boost a milk supply along with almonds & almond butter.    The fact that the whole family can eat them just makes it a bonus. You know, for when the entire container is gone an I am in complete denial that I ate them all!

The mix starts with a great protein ball base and then has 3 ways to boost it up to have variety so you don’t get bored with the same flavor.  Believe me, with the boost you will want to always have these on hand so mixing it up helps.

balls easy

Protein Ball Base

Servings – Approximately 28 bites


1/2 Cup All Natural  Peanut Butter

1/2 Cup Almond Butter

2 Tbsp Honey

1/4 Cup flax seed

1 1/4 Cup Oats

3 Tbsp  Chopped Almonds

1/4 Tsp Cinnamon


  1.  Mix Butters, Honey & Cinnamon until 1 smooth mixture.
  2. Dump in dry ingredients and mix until slightly tacky.  If the mixture is too wet  ( some butters are more oily then others) then add a tablespoon of oats at a time.balls base mix
  3. Take approximately a tablespoon at a time and roll in your hands until it is a ball.balls pretty
  4. Place on a nonstick tray and place in the refrigerator to chill.

Now that you have the base, it is time to make the varieties. I normally double this recipe and split my base into 4 equal parts and then make each kind.  The amounts below are for full recipes, make sure to lessen the amount if splitting the base recipe.

Coconut Bites

1/2 Cup dried coconut

  1. Take the base and make into balls.
  2. Place coconut in small bowl.balls coconut roll
  3. Drop ball into bowl/cup and swirl around until it is covered.
  4. Chill as in base recipe.

ball coconut closeup

Cookie Dough Bites

1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips

  1. Add  Chocolate Chips to base and mix throughout.
  2. Chill as in base recipe.

balls side tray

Double Fudge Protein Bites

1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder

(If using while breastfeeding, please make sure it has been tested)

1/2 Cup Chocolate Chips

  1.  Add Protein Powder to wet base before mixing with dry ingredients.
  2. Mix in oats & flax seed.
  3. Mix in chocolate chips until evenly distributed.
  4. Chill as in base recipe.balls from top

There are of course other varieties you can make such as oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle etc, but these are by far my favorite.  I try to have 1 or 2 every time I pump or breastfeed and it really helps to boost my supply as well as keep my sweet tooth in check so I don’t go crazy and eat the entire leftover candy basket in our pantry.      Breastfeeding really does make you starve…..like all day long.

That being said, you might be wondering why someone who adopted is talking about lactation bites.  Let’s just say that is for a blog in the future, but yes, it is completely possible and amazing.

ball cup closeup

If you try these bites or make any new flavors – drop me a note and let me know!  I’d love to see how you enjoy them and how well they worked for you too!

balls main


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