Easy Indoor S’more Recipe

One of my favorite summertime treats are S’mores, but unfortunately with kids they can be a mess, and fire isn’t always the best thing to manage them around.  When I worked at Sandy Hill Camp during college, we used to do bulk Smore’s in the oven, which is a GENIUS idea, and one that I do with my kids year round as a fun surprise.  When we do our “campout’s in the back yard, this always a go to for us.


Pro’s:  No Pointy sticks, No Fire, No burning of the mallows, You can bulk make them and eat away, Still delicious


Con’s:  No such thing

Follow the quick and easy steps below to make your own s’mores, anytime that you want.


Graham Crackers ( I prefer HoneyMaid)


Chocolate – any kind ( have you even had a Reece’s S’more?  do it!)

Foil Wrap


  1.  Lay down foil in front of each child or adult childsmore2
  2. Place Graham Crackers ( 1 or 2 ) flat on the foilsmore3
  3. Place Chocolate on the base ( again, any kind, Andes mints anyone??)smore4
  4. Top the chocolate with 1 Jumbo marshmallow or 2 regular size marshmallowssmore5
  5. Top with another Graham Crackersmore6
  6. Fold over one long edge of the foil over the top of the crackers much like a burritosmore7
  7. Fold in the ends and then the other side so it is completely enclosed
  8. Place your foil bundle(s) on a tray and put it in the oven on Broil for approximately 7/8 minutes.  For me 5 isn’t enough and 10 can be too long, but all ovens vary.smore8
  9. Take them out and enjoy!!smore 9

Some notes to remember:

  • This is still a s’more with marshmallow magma on the inside.  Please proceed with caution and do not burn your mouth!!
  • Just because you made them in the oven and not over a firepit, calories do still count ( I double checked)
  • Lastly, it is still marshmallow so prepare to be sticky and have a bit of a mess while eating.  It is always worth it though!    smore 11

What is your favorite thing to put in a s’more?




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